MALE, 50, (4 sessions)

Skiing for the first time at 50 was a recipie for failure. Invited by friends who tried their best to provide advice, but all being advanced, yet self taught over many years, simply weren't able to provide the guidance and instruction necessary to keep me upright!

After a grueling day of falling at every turn, unable to control speed or direction, I'd just about had it. Given the opportunity to ski again, I found Bob and Virtual Snow and went through 4 sessions in the days before a second ski trip. The results were remarkable. I was able to apply the drills and learning directly on the very first run. I DID NOT FALL ONCE, and was able to enjoy the day, even on intermediate runs! I can't wait to complete my lessons and hit the slopes again!

I'd recommend this training system to anyone! If you're in any way skeptical or think it seems expensive for what you might receive, get my phone number or e-mail from Bob and I'd be glad to answer any questions you may have! 

Matt O'Neill

FEMALE (After returning from Switzerland)

“My skiing is soooo much better... I cannot believe it!”

Maja, G. 


FEMALE, 50+ beginning skier (7 sessions)

I am an advance intermediate skier who learned to ski from resort instructor in Keystone Colorado in the 70’s. Over the years I have tried to teach my wife to ski a few times with no success. The main obstacle I believe is not her physical ability but her fear that she might get hurt crashing into other skiers. My wife Dom and I together are more than a century old. So when Dom went to your introductory session I was skeptical. But after 6 more sessions just over a period of 2 months, your system of instruction had transformed her from a skier who was once afraid to come down Easy Street in Mountain High to a skier beginning to curve turns at Coyote. This progress is exceptional especially for senior skiers like us. You have taught her to ski comfortably on the green run in one season. Thanks a million, now skiing and snow boarding are truly a family affair for me, my wife and our 14 year old daughter Belinda.

I highly recommend the Virtual Snow system/training process to anyone, especially to seniors who still have passion for life but are too concerned about getting injured at our age. This is the Best and the Safest training equipment and system of instruction I have ever experienced. Dom also mentioned that Bob’s knowledge in skiing and his passion in sharing what he knew about his sport is quite evident and helpful throughout her learning experience.

Suggestion!! I think if I can see myself while I am on the machine doing the drills. I would be able to correct my mistake quicker. So I believe installing large mirrors on the wall facing each machine will create valuable feedbacks for your students during the drills.

Hei-wai To
Simi Valley, CA 

MALE, 42 (12 Lessons) 

Check out this video!  This is after doing a package of lessons with and training with Bad Bob and you - about 12 lessons on your machines at Virtual Snow.  

I went up to Mt. High on a Sunday morning (Super Bowl Sunday!) and worked with Dan for my private lesson. After 45 minutes with him, he said I'm ready to go up on the lift. Everything was coming so easy to me. The muscle memory kicked in and I got used to being on the snow pretty quickly!  I call it "getting my snow legs." We did 3 runs down the beginner hill (I only fell about 6-8 times), had lunch, then did 3 more runs down the intermediate hill.  

This video I sent to you is from Dan's Blackberry - it's my 5th run of the day which was my 2nd time down the intermediate run.  Check it out dude - I never wiped out on this run! As a matter of fact, you'll notice a recovery move AND I'm riding switch!!  I got so used to training to ride both ways at VS, that I really wasn't thinking about whether to ride goofy or regular.

By the way, the training for getting on and off the lift was totally helpful. I got on and off 6 times without falling. Pretty good for a 42-year-old dude's first time on the snow with his board, isn't it? :-)  Remember, this is on a Sunday when it's pretty crowded up there.  So off the lift there were always bodies on the ground I had to avoid.  The 6th time down the hill, Dan said I was ready to do jumps.

Throughout the day I was really comfortable and came home with no bruises. One thing that I noticed was that my stamina was greater than I thought it would be. It had built up while working on the machines - so I wasn't exhausted while on the slopes and I could've kept boarding if I wasn't going to come home to watch the Super Bowl. So all in all, I'd call this a total success for us.

I want to thank you guys at Virtual Snow for helping train me in a very short time for an activity that I now have for the rest of my life, and helping me do it the easy way -  without getting banged up and bruised and without falling on my butt and face time after time (that's how my friends learned, and they still don't board the right way).

You guys rock! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Armen C.
Los Angeles, CA

MALE, 49 (8 sessions) 

I’ve been skiing since I was 5 years old (that’s almost 45 years!) Back in my  college days I coached the freestyle ski team at Stratton, Vermont.  These days, I only get to ski one week a year and after my last ski trip, I was a mess.  My muscles ached and I could barely walk. This time I trained with Bob and Mark at Virtual Snow for 8 sessions prior to my week-long ski trip to Sun Valley. When I hit the slopes, I felt great.  It was as though I already had a dozen days under my belt this season and I skied better than I ever have in my life.  In addition to helping me get in great ski shape, I had a fantastic time training on the carpet and fine tuning my skills…the guys gave me so many helpful tips.  I will definitely be back for more and recommend Virtual Snow to skiers of all levels.

Steven B.

MALE, 50, (8 sessions)

Thanks to Virtual Snow, my first experience snowboarding was great. I followed your videos and checksheet almost to the letter and boy is that a great idea! My first run ever comprised a few falls getting used to being on snow.

The second run was dramatically more successful and confidence building. From that point on I only fell when I was experimenting. By day's end I was able to come down intermediate slopes with some ability. There is no doubt your system works. I look forward to refining my techniques on your Virtual Snow Training System, and I can't wait to smoke the other guys I go with.

Larry W.
50 year old "board-head" - USA

MALE, 62 

I just spent 3 days skiing powder and black diamonds and trees with Bob at Alta and Snowbird. It was like taking batting practice with Ted Williams or hitting golf balls with Tiger Woods. As great as it was to ski with a legend <http://www.ChristopherCoffey.com/ski> it was even greater to "be able" to ski the fall line on terrain that always intimidated me in the past.

Two years ago on my 60th birthday I committed to become the best skier I could be. I signed up for 30 lessons and put my faith in Bob and his team and the training techniques at Virtual Snow. I went from a decent intermediate skier to Bob proclaiming me an "expert"

The question you need to ask yourself is "How good do you want to be?"

If you want to talk to me about my journey just drop me an email.

Be Happy Now.

Chris Coffey
Los Angeles, CA

MALE, 73, (12 sessions)

With Bob's video instruction, teaching methods, and conscientious supervision I felt encouraged to do the drills long enough to go beyond my 73 year old body's endurance and when I started getting the feeling I was on the slopes - I got stoked that the tired muscles didn't bother me.I even let my body discover a drill of my own that brought elated satisfaction and improvement that would not have happened though without proper drills and principles to build on.This is a faster and safer way to learn snow boarding (and skiing).The lessons are on DVD, so any instructor can use the same methodology making for more rapid progress and no confusing contradictions.The whole training staff are on top of things and good people!

Paul S.

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FEMALE, 7, (6 sessions)

Today was very fun, because I got to go fast. I loved "switch stance and ride!!"

Snowboarder - USA

FEMALE, 32, (7 sessions)

My first experience on a snowboard was in Canada at Whistler Mt. I spent two horrible days on my bottom (which was killing me), or knocking the wind out of myself as I tumbled down the mountain. I gave up.

My husband had to convince me to try the Virtual Snow Training System. After completion I am boarding circle around him and giving him pointers!!!

Thanks Virtual Snow men.

Harbor City, California, USA

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MALE, 28, (6 sessions)

I thought after snowboarding for 3 years there was nothing else to learn.

Was I wrong!

Snowboarder - USA

MALE, 52, (6 sessions)

Two years ago I did Virtual Snow as a beginner. First time on snow I was better than my friends who wanted me to come board with them.I was an intermediate boarder when I came back to Virtual Snow for six sessions last fall and improved enough to be able to ride the black diamonds at Mammoth. Thanks to Virtual Snow; I'm also able to ride switch. The training really accelerates the learning process' and I highly recommend it to anyone!

Andy W.
Snowboarder - USA

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MALE, 24, (6 sessions)

Virtual Snow is awesome. Every year it takes me a while (several days) to get to where I ended the previous year. This year I have no doubt I'll be ahead----way ahead of where I was last year. I can't wait to hit the slopes.


FEMALE, 33, (8 sessions)

I had a fantastic time showing off my new skills at snowboarding during the past Christmas Holiday.After finishing 6 sessions I dazzled my husband and son with my skills on the slope. More importantly I came away from the five day trip with only minor aches and pains.A year ago, I hurt my leg (due probably to bad form) and could not finish the third day of our trip. And I did not like sitting around the lodge while everyone else was having fun! So I decided to get help before this snow season started.After the first day of boarding both my son and his friend were complaining about their sore tailbones. Not I said the mother to her sons!I can't tell you how many times I thanked you on the mountain.See you next season!

Very truly yours,

Dona K.

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MALE, 23, (6 sessions)

I was an expert snowboarder before I found my way into Virtual Snow training. I thought I would get on the machine and just get a little workout and that would be it. Little did I know that it would improve my boarding ten fold. Bob says that repetition equals certainty, this rang true for me. After six sessions at Virtual Snow everything I did on the mountain began to feel almost effortless. The only thing that separates expert snowboarders from professional snowboarders is STYLE.After my sessions I found myself landing jumps with more style, hitting rails with proper balance, and never questioning my ability to bring my own style to every turn. THANKS VIRTUAL SNOW.

Brian H.
Snowboarder - USA

MALE, 42, (16 sessions)

Thanks to the Virtual Snow Team.After five years of snowboarding I thought that I was at a plateau - - - No Way! I learned tricks on the Virtual Snow Simulator that I thought were impossible.

Athletic Trainer - USA

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