Virtual Snow Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is it you do?

 A.  We train you doing sports specific ski or snowboard drills, so you will have the skills and muscle memory you will need to "know be for you go".  And we guarantee results.   SEE BELOW - WHAT HAPPENS ON MY FIRST VISIT? -  IT IS JUST UNDER HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?

 Q. Is Virtual Snow the same as skiing or snowboarding on snow?


A. No. It’s harder to ride the simulator than it is on real snow. However, your best training surface is the least forgiving one. When you make a mistake you know it instantly and you also know the conditions of the moving carpet didn't change!

Training is safe because of you are in a safety harness and have bars to use for balance.

Q. Is it only for beginners?

A. No. Many world champions have trained on a simulator including Suzi "Chapstick" Chaffee and the Olympic Gold Medalist, Jonny Moseley who trained on one for five years.

With our system of training you’ll get the muscle memory and skill development you need to have a great experience on the mountain. And as a beginner or intermediate you’ll be a “gifted” student for your instructor on the slopes.

Q. Who trains at Virtual Snow?

A. If you can walk, we can train you. We train lots of kids (especially at our day camps and parties). We have had kids as young as three years old train successfully!

We train beginners, intermediates, experts and people recovering from injuries.

Q. How quickly can I learn?

A. A person starts learning on the first lesson. But in six one hour sessions an average person gains the skills and muscle memory of the average intermediate skier or boarder.

Q. Isn't boarding easier than skiing?

A. Learning to board is much harder and more dangerous. Boarders have 5 times more injuries and they are twice as serious (usually broken wrists) as ski injuries.

Q. Can I learn tricks at Virtual Snow?

A. Yes, the simulator is the safest place to practice what you haven't mastered.

Q. What equipment do I bring?

A. Bring your boots if you have them. If not, we have everything you will need. Also wear light workout clothes and a smile on your face. We like to have fun!

Q. Is it a workout?

A. Yes, don't do a leg workout before you come. A session here is like an all-day private lesson on snow.

Q. Why not just take lessons on the mountain?

A. Training in a controlled environment, you will learn the skills and muscle memory without all the time, trouble, travel and costs associated with a trip to the mountain. After your training at Virtual Snow and when you take lessons on the mountain, you'll understand your instructor's commands and you'll be in shape to DO your sport. You will gain much more ability from your lesson on the slopes.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Prices for introductions and training packages vary from season to season and depends on your individual needs. Your first introductory lesson special is $125.  If you are not satisfied, you do not have to pay!  Ask for specials!!

A training package (per session price) ranges from $79 to $180, depending on your goals & purposes.

The $180 Private Lesson is individualized & will be tailored to your needs. You get your money's worth. Ask for our specials.

Q. What happens on my first visit?

A. You’ll get to train for an hour. You will see the value in gaining new skills and get a great workout. We’ll help you decide on how you can improve your Skills and be better prepared for the slopes.



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